VIDEO: Scared golfer almost involved in Cape cobra fight

VIDEO: Scared golfer almost involved in Cape cobra fight

It was a bit too close for comfort...

VIDEO: Scared golfer almost involved in Cape cobra fight
Elitha Peachey/Instagram

As humans, we sometimes tend to forget that nature is all around us.

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While we might not have lions and elephants roaming the streets of Johannesburg - at least right now - there are still many wild animals in these spaces.

Golf courses are a good example of where humans and animals meet, but when you are teeing off on the green, you probably don't want your leisurely day interrupted by a highly dangerous animal.

Instagram user Elitha Peachey recently posted a video on the platform showing a Cape cobra slithering onto the course at the Atlantic Beach Golf Club:

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Many took to the comments suggesting the video might be fake, but were soon proven wrong when another person who found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time also uploaded a video of the snake.

The big difference between the two videos? 

The unknown golfer and the driver of the golf cart almost found themselves in the centre of a cobra versus mongoose battle to the death:

(Warning: This video contains strong language)

@snag_africa_official golf in AFRICA #SAMA28 #golf #africa #fyp ♬ original sound -

At least we know one of the golfers, Josh, managed to get the two players to safety and they hopefully won't be getting up close and personal with any sneaky snakes again any time soon.

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Main image courtesy of Elitha Peachey/Instagram

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