VIDEO: Wine aged in coffin becomes world first

VIDEO: Wine aged in coffin becomes world first

How do you like your wine: Creepy or crawly?

World first coffin aged wine 19 crimes
19 Crimes Wine/YouTube

There are many ways you can choose to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.

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You could have a horror movie marathon, dress up in your favourite costume or party with a bunch of other ghouls and goblins.

These ideas are all great, but if you are looking for a more toned-down, low-key vibe (and you are over 18), then why not enjoy a glass of the creepiest wine out there?

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Wine brand, 19 Crimes, has built its brand on its unique concept:

While that already sounds strange, they decided to release a very special wine for Halloween.

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After the wine was crafted, 100 bottles were put into an oak coffin and buried six feet underground, where it was laid to rest "amongst the dead".

Once it had aged for the appropriate amount of time, they exhumed it and made it available for a limited time in the United Kingdom.

Watch their shiver-inducing ad here:

If this is not to your taste, they have also collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart for a special collection of wine, glow-in-the-dark skeleton wine bottles, and much more.

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Main image courtesy of 19 Crimes Wine/YouTube

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