VIDEO: Ring gets stuck on woman's finger for 14 whole hours

VIDEO: Ring gets stuck on woman's finger for 14 whole hours

This might just be the one ring to rule them all...

VIDEO: Ring gets stuck on woman's finger for 14 whole hours

Buyer's remorse is a very real thing.

One minute, you are obsessed with your latest purchase. The next, you are experiencing only regret.

There are very obvious reasons why you might regret a purchase.

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Maybe you spent too much money on the item or it doesn't fit into the space you wanted it to.

Another might be that the item caused you serious pain or injury.

One TikTok user did not see this as a reason to avoid a specific item, but instead decided that they would definitely re-purchase this item.

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User @Jamnicexbugz posted a video in which she explained that she had slept with a ring on only to wake up the next day and realise that her finger was incredibly swollen and she could not remove the ring.

In her video, she further explains that she eventually had to go to the hospital emergency room to help get the ring removed.

To her disappointment, the first emergency room doctor could not successfully get the ring off.

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This was only the beginning of her journey to three different emergency rooms.

Watch the video to find out how they tried to remove it and how many hours it took before the ring was removed:

@jamnicexbugz ✨STORY TIME !! It took 3 emergency rooms to remove this ring I got from @SHEIN #stuckring #stuckringremoval #ringremoval #shein #emergencyroom #storytime ♬ original sound - QueenBug-A-Boo

Fourteen hours is too many hours to spend on a ring removal and would be the number one reason someone does not repurchase the same product.

But as we discovered, this has only motivated her to replace her now destroyed ring.

Let this be a reminder to all of us to never sleep with a ring on!

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Main image courtesy of @jamnicexbugz/TikTok

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