VIDEO: Woman shares her being fired by big tech company for "no reason"

VIDEO: Woman shares her being fired by big tech company for "no reason"

The video has left viewers shocked and equally confused.

VIDEO: Woman shares her being fired by big tech company for "no reason"

There is no doubt that being let go from any job is heartbreaking and a hard pill to swallow, especially when you have been doing your best and working hard.

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Sometimes employees are fired and they are left with more questions than answers.

One major tech company, Cloudflare, has come under fire for their firing process after an ex-employee shared a video of her being fired.

Brittany Pietsch uploaded a now-viral video of her in a meeting with two other Cloudflare employees, someone from the HR department, and a director she had never met, where she was laid off.

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In her captions on the video, she states that she knew this was what the meeting was about as soon as they scheduled the session because some of her peers had been having the same meetings that all ended with them losing their jobs.

She also states that this experience was traumatising for her, but in the video, she decided that she wanted answers and it seems like the HR employee and the director struggled to give her any.

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You can watch the entire video here:

@brittanypeachhh Original creator reposting: brittany peach cloudflare layoff. When you know you’re about to get laid off so you film it :) this was traumatizing honestly lmao #cloudflare #techlayoffs #tech #layoff ♬ original sound - Brittany Pietsch

The video has sparked outrage against Cloudflare.

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While many people agree with her and say that the HR employee should have been able to tell her exactly why she was being let go, others say that Brittany's behaviour and language were also unnecessary.

People also commented on the video giving names of Cloudflare competitors that people should support instead and, clearly, the company had a PR disaster to deal with.

At the end of the day, Cloudflare finally responded to the viral video with their CEO, Matthew Prince, posting the following on X:

With her newfound fame, hopefully Brittany will be able to find a new job in no time.

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Main image courtesy of @brittanypeachhh/TikTok

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