WATCH: 'Cocaine Bear' joins actress to present award on the Oscars stage

WATCH: 'Cocaine Bear' joins actress to present award on the Oscars stage

There's a headline you probably never thought you'd read!

Cocaine Bear joins Elizabeth Banks on Oscars 2023 stage to present Best Visual Effects awards

During its production up until its theatrical release, 'Cocaine Bear' has been a hot topic.

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The movie, which is based on a true story, is a gory dark comedy with a stellar cast that includes the likes of Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson, Jr., Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Emmy winner Ray Liotta. It is also directed by actress Elizabeth Banks.

While most of us would have thought we would exclusively get to see the one and possibly only cocaine bear in cinemas, the 2023 Oscars had other ideas.

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Elizabeth Banks had the honour of presenting the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and she was not alone.

Joining her on stage to present the award was the star of the movie, the cocaine bear. Or at least a man in a bear suit pretending to be the lead character.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Banks said: "I recently directed the film 'Cocaine Bear', and without visual effects, this is what the bear would look like. It's terrifying."

As she was talking, the bear was dancing and she eventually told it to stop, saying no director wants to work with a star like this.

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She also made a joke about substance abuse in Hollywood after the bear made a gesture toward its nose, saying: "Are you trying to score right now? You need to wait 'til the after-party like everybody else."

Upon the pair's entrance on the stage, she accused the bear of sabotaging her.

You can watch the video here:

While the bear might have his demons, we're sure he didn't mean to trip Elizabeth intentionally.

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