WATCH: "Foul smell" in woman's sandwich allegedly human faeces

WATCH: "Foul smell" in woman's sandwich allegedly human faeces

A woman explained in a video how she bought a sandwich with a "foul smell" - only to realise it allegedly contained human faeces.


A TikTok user went viral after she explained how she found human faeces in her sandwich which she bought at a local take-out restaurant. 

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The woman claimed she took a bite of the sandwich only to realise that it had a "foul smell".

"I look in the papers. In between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal sh*t. There are faeces," she claimed.

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She immediately called the police and the restaurant, however, all they told her is that she "had to wait for someone to respond to my online complaint about there being literal sh*t in my food.” 

According to the restaurant spokesperson, the brown substance on the sandwich was chocolate from a cookie.

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Video footage showed an employee eating a chocolate chip cookie, and not washing their hands before making the woman's sandwich. 

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