WATCH: Rapper Busta Rhymes throws water in woman's face

WATCH: Rapper Busta Rhymes throws water in woman's face

She wanted to 'Touch It' but Busta was having none of it!

Rapper Busta Rhymes throws water at woman after she grabs his butt

Celebrities in public spaces can be a recipe for disaster.

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While some may argue that having to deal with people invading your space might come with the territory of being famous, people should also remember that they are still people with rights and boundaries just like everyone else.

And touching someone without their consent is never okay.

Legendary rapper Busta Rhymes has been making headlines again recently after an epic Grammys performance, but now it seems like his latest viral moment has him trending for very different reasons.

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In a video that has taken the internet by storm, you can see Rhymes walking through an airport surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards.

Obviously, the public was very excited to get a glimpse of an iconic musician and one unidentified woman takes her chance and touches him on the butt.

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His reaction definitely had her re-evaluating her life choices:

Busta Rhymes has yet to release a statement about the incident.

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Main image courtesy of @RapUp/Twitter

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