WATCH: Viral Rihanna video sparks global debate

WATCH: Viral Rihanna video sparks global debate

The award-winning singer and billionaire recently performed at an Indian wedding, but one video is causing a major stir on social media.

Rihanna/ Instagram

Rihanna is used to seeing her name in headlines around the world, but never has she been involved in a story like this.

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The richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, recently managed to book the musician for a performance at his son's pre-wedding ceremony.

Of course, most people would love to have a world-famous celebrity performing at their wedding celebrations and the guests were just as excited to be able to watch her.

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Since the event, many attendees have been sharing videos of her show, but one video in particular has people up in arms.

X user, @joh_masse, shared a video of the singer performing her hit song 'Stay' and in the video you can see him zooming in on Rihanna while she is on stage.

Here is another video showcasing the brilliant zoom:

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While it might seem like an innocent video, fellow X users instantly started freaking out about the quality of the video and the zoom, with some even saying they "have to find out what phone that is".

Joh had not clarified what phone he was using but others thought that it must be an Android.

Even Samsung stepped up and claimed that it was clearly their system:

Viral Rihanna video iphone or android

This caused things between Android fans and iOS fans to get really heated as the Android fans said that this kind of quality was impossible to achieve via iPhone.

Finally having had enough of the speculation and questions, Joh told everyone what phone he was using:

And he even provided proof:

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Main image courtesy of Rihanna/ Instagram

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