Woman appears nude live on TV to prove a point

Woman appears nude live on TV to prove a point

Viewers were shocked when they turned their televisions on first thing in the morning and saw a lady sporting her birthday suit.

Naked woman appears on Good morning Britain to debate sunbathing nudist park

It's not every day that you turn on your television and see a stark naked lady sitting in a broadcasting studio.

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We all know there are PG13 shows, but your morning news and talk shows generally are more family-friendly.

Recently 'Good Morning Britain', a very popular morning show, caught their viewers off-guard when they welcomed naturalist Helen Berriman onto the show to discuss naked sunbathing in public parks.

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Helen decided to help get her point across, which was that everyone has a body and seeing it in its natural form is not strange, by showing up in her natural form, which is naked.

The broadcaster did decide to blur out certain parts of Berriman's body but she did not once get changed and stood by her choice to appear naked on national television:

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Many viewers of the show were not impressed and utterly shocked by 'Good Morning Britain''s decision to have this debate on morning television:

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However, there was quite a bit of online support for Helen and the naturist community:

Clearly, this is something that will divide the masses for many years to come.

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