Woman left with R30k bill on first date

Woman left with R30k bill on first date

To those not directly involved, dating horror stories are unfortunately the gift that does keep on giving...

Woman left with R30k bill on first date
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While we will never take pleasure in someone else's embarrassing moment or pain, this is just another lesson that is being shared amongst those of us who are in the dating game.

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Every person has their own opinion on the "who should be paying the bill" debate, but one thing we can all agree on is that anyone who is ditched while on a date should not be left with the bill at all.

Especially when the one who ran out on the date ordered and ate most of the food.

In a recent TikTok video, a woman told her dating horror story and it is truly terrifying.

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The unnamed lady explains how a man had asked her out multiple times and, eventually, she accepted.

On the date, the pair were enjoying themselves, but her date kept ordering excessive amounts of food and she even mentioned to him that she couldn't eat any more before he ordered dessert.

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That's when his phone rang and he excused himself to take the call.

Listen to her full story here:

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The poor girl was left with a $1,600 (almost R30k) bill which she was obviously going to have to pay and she did.

In this video, she does reveal the man's first name, Justin, and since then the comments have been blowing up with people guessing who it might be.

Some of the guesses have also been more serious than others, as we doubt the happily married (and extremely rich) Justin Timberlake was involved.

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