GMA Coronavirus Support sends R10,000 in Angel Rands to single mother in Bloemfontein

GMA Coronavirus Support sends R10,000 in Angel Rands to single mother in Bloemfontein

With the national lockdown in place, a single mother of three sons cannot earn a living. This morning, Good Morning Angels and LottoStar stepped in.

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BACKGROUND: Leah Gaebee is a single mother of three sons. Her husband left home one morning to look for a job and never returned. That was four years ago. Since then, Leah has done the best she can for her boys. At one point she lost her job and has been doing piece-jobs and took out loans to pay for school fees and food. Her sons at times skipped school to work for an income for the household, too. A friend, Sidwell Sediti, intervened to pay off some of the debt and schools fees. With the national lockdown in place, Leah and her sons cannot go out to look for piece-jobs and Sidwell is worried that they will not make it. 

REQUEST FOR: Leah Gaebee 

REQUEST FROM: Sidwell Sediti 

ANGEL: Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels in partnership with LottoStar

SPONSORING: We have sent Leah R10,000 worth of #AngelRands to redeem for food and other essentials at her closest formal retail shop.


I nominate Leah Gaebee. She's a single mother of three boys. Life has not been easy on them since their father left home to find work and never returned to this date and since from then the mother had to make huge sacrifices for her son's and she made tough decisions that benefited their son's and their future. She have been working at the firms for about 4 years where the hard labour is more than the remuneration, the only thing that kept her going and persevering are her three sons that she don't want them to suffer because of their selfish father who left the family helpless and hopeless. As a mother she tried to be the best mom she could by offering them what their father failed to and she now have all the bills to pay.  That's when I intervened with my help by offering to some of her debts because they were also affecting her sons. They had to sometimes miss school to work some piece jobs hoping to help their mother who became distressed at that time. I couldn't watch their lives falling apart I had to do something. I also helped to pay or her son's education. She's struggling financially and now life is hard because she's no longer working and they're struggling so badly with groceries. It’s 21 days of lockdown and it pains me because sometimes she knocks at her neighbour's door to ask for a job just to put food on the table for them as family to eat. Jacaranda FM in partnership with LottoStar would be a great blessing to the family. Thank you, Sidwell Sediti.

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