GMA Coronavirus Support in partnership with LottoStar

GMA Coronavirus Support in partnership with LottoStar

The National Lockdown has resulted in many families being unable to earn an income. This means that over and above not leaving your home, you may also not be able to pay your bills.

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The GMA Coronavirus Support, in partnership with LottoStar, has R 500 000 to share with families in need... and we need you to tell us who they are so that we can ease their burden with R 10 000 per family during the lockdown. 

Nominate a family that you know who is having a hard time earning an income during the national lockdown.

Send an email to [email protected] with the details of the family you want to nominate and make sure you give us plenty of details and background about their situation. This includes:

Nominator details:
Name and surname:
Mobile nr:

Nominee  detail:
Name and surname:
Mobile nr:
Current number of dependents:
Current province, suburb/township:
Closest retail store:

Please give us some background on the person/ people you are nominating and why you believe they need assistance. Then listen to Jacaranda FM daily from 06h00 – 19h00, where Martin Bester will be assisting 5 families every day from 6-17 April.


Assistance will be given in the form of electronic #AngelRands vouchers that can be redeemed for food medication and other essentials at the following participating retailers:  

• Pick n Pay
• Clicks
• Checkers
• Shoprite
• USave
• Dis-Chem
• Spar*

We are committed to assisting as many needy people as possible, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist all nominees.

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