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Good Morning Angels: Bringing some festive cheer to a grandmother and her grandchildren

Good Morning Angels and Roman's Pizza have joined forces to bring some festive cheer to the lives of a very deserving grandmother and her two teenage grandchildren. 

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Sonia Botha is a proud grandmother of two teenagers - Deandra (15) and Candrick (13). This granny is closer than most to her grandchildren: she’s been their primary caregiver and guardian for most of their lives. Sonia stepped in over nine years ago when their mom, Ronel, died at the age of 29 from cancer. Not only did the children lose their mom, they also lost their home and were separated from baby-brother, Juandré, who is now 12 and who lives with his dad in Krugersdorp. Sonia and the children live in Pretoria-West. Deandra is in school in Brits, where Candrick will be going to next year - both will be school boarders. Juandré, who is in grade seven next year, hopes to go to Wagpos the year after, so that the three of them can be together again. Their godmother, Nadia, wrote to Good Morning Angels to ask for some help for this special family and granny, who last year also lost her partner of 30 years.

REQUEST FOR: Granny Sonia Botha 

REQUEST FROM: Nadia Theron 

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, Chier Media Officer of Roman’s Pizza, our fabulous GMA Festive Edition sponsor

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will help this granny in her efforts to give the best for her children, with a donation towards their school fees for next year as well as shopping vouchers for her and all three children to a total value of R30,000.

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Good Day

I want to ask if you can be an Angel to this Super granny, Sonia Botha, please?

This story starts nine and half years ago when this grandmother and her partner took in her two grandchildren. The girl was 5 and half and the boy was only four when their mother, Ronel died of cancer at the age of 29. She was my closest cousin. They lost their home, mother and brother all at once. My cousin had three children: two with her first husband and one with the second husband. So when she died, husband number 1’s mother took the two eldest in and the youngest is staying by his dad, in Kempton Park. The youngest, Juandré was 3 when he lost his mother and also his brother and sister.  

Last year, granny Sonia’s partner of more than 30 years also died, leaving her and the children behind. We all know single mommies, but how many times have you heard the term "Single Granny" raising two teenagers alone? They stay in Pretoria West and she drives to Johannesburg and works there every day to support these lovely children, she is late fifties close to sixty.

Deandra is 15 and she is in Grade 9 in Wagpos High School. She stays in the Boarding House during the week. She is very athletic, like her mom and staying at school makes it easier for her to participate. Candrick is 13 and in Laerskool Simon Bekker. He is a good, active, healthy boy. He will also be going to Wagpos High School next year, and he is extremely excited. Juandré is 12 and in Grade 6. He also wants to go to Wagpos High School when he finish next year, at least then they will all be together again.

I want to ask if you can be an Angel to them, financially it’s very difficult. School fees, Boarding house, clothes, braces, are very expensive and Christmas is coming up. They really need an Angel.

If I may be so bold to ask another wish I have for them? I am the godmother to all three these children, could you please assist me financially into taking these three beautiful children to the closed ocean and make their Christmas little bit more special. I love these children dearly, and they see each other so little during the year.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work you do.

Kind Regards,


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