Good Morning Angels Festive: Helping Koketso to graduate in 2020!

Good Morning Angels Festive: Helping Koketso to graduate in 2020!

Good Morning Angels and Roman's Pizza helping Koketso on her way to graduate in 2020!

Good Morning Angels Festive
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BACKGROUND: 2020 is a big year for Koketso Maleka. She will start her 3rd and final year and - if all goes according to plan - she will finish her Diploma in Commerce and Marketing Management. Her mother, Matseleng has been funding her studies in her first and second years from her pension, hoping to get another job in the meantime to supplement her pension fund. However, all her funds are depleted as she’s not been able to secure another job. This means that the pension sacrifice would yield absolutely no gains if Koketso cannot complete her studies, to put her in a position to find a job to look after herself and her mom. A friend of the family, Jane, contacted Good Morning Angels for assistance 

REQUEST FOR: Kotekso Maleka

REQUEST FROM: Jane Brander

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza 

SPONSORING: Roman's Pizza will assist Koketso with the R29 490,00 needed to enrol for her 3rd and final year of her Diploma in Commerce in Marketing Management as well as another R 5 500,00 to make this festive season a little easier for her and her family. That’s a total donation from Romans’ Pizza of R 35 000,00!


Dear Good Morning Angel

Miss Matseleng Maleka lost her job on 07 November 2015 where she worked as Diesel Attendance at Platinum Mine. Since then she has been looking for a job. Her daughter Koketso Abigail Maleka is currently doing her second-year Diploma in Commerce and Marketing Management. When she got her pension she saved as much as possible for her daughter’s fees. Unfortunately, when her daughter finished school she did not get a space in a normal government-sponsored institution.

Since the mother was hopeful that she will be able to get employment, she enrolled her child in a private institution in 2018. She used her pension to pay for her daughter’s first year and second year. However, her funds are now depleted and she cannot afford to pay for her daughter’s last in 2020. If she does not receive assistance, she will not be able to finish her studies. Her mother has already approached the institution and was told that they have no bursaries and NSFAS, thus no bursary if you are registered at a public higher education institution. The Cash fee for 2020 is R29 490.

I, therefore, request assistance on their behalf.



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