Toddler says he's allowed to bite people

Toddler says he's allowed to bite people

A little boy answers "yes" when asked: "Are you allowed to bite people?" 

A cute black baby biting mom's face
A cute black baby biting mom's face/Pexels/@William Fortunato

Biting in toddlers has long been stereotyped as a negative trait. 

But, the truth behind it all is that it is part of growing, and as parents, we shouldn't shame or blame our kids for biting. Yes, we can address it in a way that doesn't make them feel inadequate or worthless, but we must also remember that we are living in a world of feelings. 

Everyone is just doing their best with what they know...

Therefore it is only natural for us to assume harsh sentencing for our kids who bite, especially if the person who was bitten was another child. 

Parents who reprimanded their toddler for biting his friend shared the experience on social media. 

One thing was for certain, this child didn't see the wrong in his actions but after the conversation, we are sure he is going to do it again. 

Sometimes, as parents, we need to step back and try not to control the situation so much. Fear and judgment make us go a bit crazy in the way we parent. 

Let's rather move away from those feelings and trust that our kids will grow the way they are meant to. 

Watch the video from TikTok.

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