What you could be biting into when you bite your nails

What you could be biting into when you bite your nails

Not at all a good habit from all the habits you could have...

Close up photo of person's fingernails
Close up photo of person's fingernails/Pexels

Traditionally, nail biting is stereotypically associated with boredom, anxiety or nervousness. 

According to Healthline.com, nail biting usually starts in childhood and may accelerate into adolescence. 

"Once nail biting becomes a habit, it can become your go-to behaviour when you’re waiting around, frustrated, or just plain bored. It’s something you do to keep yourself occupied." (Healthline)

Besides the above, nail biting is not something we would associate with being a healthy habit. 

Over and above the mental health red flags, we imagine our nails are great hosts to germs. 

And we came across a video that proved our sentiment. 


WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram

Believe it or not, there are side effects to biting your nails - and it doesn't just extend to your nails being sore. 

"Beyond soreness of the nails and surrounding skin, side effects can include:

That's a long list of side effects, not to mention the third point, which can be connected to the bigger problem here, that this could have been a contributing factor to the pandemic. 

All in all, not a good idea to bite those nails...

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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