Good Morning Angels: Helping a mother bring her six-month-old daughter home

Good Morning Angels: Helping a mother bring her six-month-old daughter home

Good Morning Angels and Roman's Pizza have joined forces to bring some festive cheer and to help reunite a mother and daughter. 

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BACKGROUND: Sylvia Mphogo from Booysendal near Lydenburg in Mpumalanga is a mom of three: two boys and a six-month-old baby girl. Sylvia and her partner, Denver, both work to provide for their children. However, they have not been able to bring their baby girl home, since her birth six months ago. 

Sylviah’s little daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and she is also blind. She needs special medical care and formula milk and has therefore been in hospital since her birth. She’s in fact been in three different hospitals. She is currently in the Acacia Hospital in Pretoria North, where a specialist is hoping to operate on her cleft palate soon. Sylvia was initially told that corrective surgery would only be possible when she has turned a year. This would improve feeding and also the chance that Sylvia could take her baby girl home to her brothers for the first time, but they need some help to make this happen.

REQUEST FOR: Sylviah (Khomotjo) Mphogo, Denver Mushwana and their six-month-old baby girl 

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, Chief Media Officer of Romans Pizza, our fabulous GMA Festive Edition sponsor

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will help to make it possible for Sylviah to take Rosie home by donating R30,000 towards acquiring some of the medical equipment and necessities needed to care for Rosie.

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Good morning

My name is Sylviah (Khomotjo) from Booysendal near Lydenburg in Mpumalanga. I am a mother of 2 boys and a 6 month old baby girl. She was born with Holoproncephally: a cleft palate and lip. She is also blind. My baby has been in hospital ICU for 3 months. She’s been in different hospital: in Centurion, in Polokwane and now in Arcadia in Pretoria. I heard about Good Morning Angels from my concerned colleague.  

I am desperately looking for assistance, as I have been travelling a lot to different hospitals. My baby has never been home. During the week I work and weekends I travel all over to visit my baby girl in hospital and to spend the weekend with her. My baby takes a special anti-reflux milk formula and she needs  24 hour nursing care - even if I take her home. We will need special medical equipment  before we can bring her home. I have already enquired and it is too costly for me.

I will appreciate any assistance to enable me to bring my baby home.

I need the following items:

1. Air conditioner – Because her temperature always rises - she must be in a cool place always

2. Saturation Machine- To monitor her saturation

3. Portable suction machine- She has lots of secretions and needs to be suctioned to prevent her from chocking

4. Nebuliser

5. Medical Aid kid

6. Portable supporting kids wheelchair

7. Oxygen Cylinder

8. Adjustable bed with hand rails

9. Chest massage  

10. Special milk: Nan AR(Anti Reflux)

11. Physio Therapist

Kind regards,

Sylviah Mphogo

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