Good Morning Angels: Musician (73) who lived in his car loses everything

Good Morning Angels: Musician (73) who lived in his car loses everything

Musician Steve du Preez (73), who lived in his car, lost everything when his car was stolen. 

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BACKGROUND: Steve du Preez, 73, has been a performing musician for all of his adult life. He has performed all over the country over the years and has many stories to tell.

Life on the road has not been easy, but that’s all he knows. The past three years have been particularly difficult due to the fall-out of the global pandemic. Steve ended up living in his car. He had all of his early possessions and all his equipment to make a living in his car.

On the 18th of February, he parked his car right outside the pub where he was playing. He was inside to chat with the owner about upcoming bookings. When he got outside, his car was gone - along with everything he owned - also his livelihood.

The shock was so great that Du Preez suffered a mild stroke. His daughter, Stephne, took him in. She found another job after being retrenched, but they are hardly making ends meet and there is no way they can afford to replace her father's instruments and equipment.

She decided to reach out to Good Morning Angels to help her dad back on his feet to reclaim his life.

REQUEST FOR: Steve du Preez

REQUEST FROM: Stephne du Preez

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will assist Steve du Preez with R30,000 towards new instruments and equipment, as well as living expenses. 

Steve du Preez Good Morning Angels


Good day,

I'm writing on behalf of my father, Steve du Preez, who is 73 years of age. My father has been a professional musician for over 40 years. He eats, breathes and lives for his music. An entertainer at heart loves to put smiles on others' faces, at times it was at the cost of not seeing his own family.

Life has had its ups and downs over the years as you could imagine in any entertainer's life, but the last 3 years have been one problem on the other.

He ended up homeless. Gigs stopped coming in due to COVID and demand for promotions were not on the table for most companies out there due to the financial impact of the whole epidemic. 

My father used to stay with us until I got retrenched and had to move from the West Rand to the East Rand, my father stayed in the West Rand as this was the area where he could still be booked to play at small pubs around the area.  Here and there people would book him for private shows, just to help him put some food in his stomach. My father was homeless, living in his car at a Shopping centre. This is also where his life to him has ended.

On Friday, 18 February, while parked in the very busy shopping centre, his car with all his belongings, clothes, blankets, personal belongings and most importantly ALL his music instruments, PA system, guitar, microphone, and laptop was taken.

To people they hear, a car was stolen, yes it's just a car - this was not just his car - this was his home, life, house, work.... at the age of 73 you can imagine the thoughts and feelings that he is experiencing. He had nothing, now he is nothing.

Any assistance and a helping hand would help food, clothes, airtime, accommodation. The case was reported at the Roodepoort Police station.

We know you receive so many many requests, but the Lord says to pray and if you don't speak nothing will happen. "Ask and you shall receive"

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Stephne du Preez

Need help or assistance? Send us an e-mail at

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