How did you celebrate your childhood birthdays?

How did you celebrate your childhood birthdays?

For many childhood birthday parties were filled with party packs, cute outfits, elaborate cakes and some awkward photos. Do you remember yours? 

Birthday pet

#HighSchoolHits presenter, Renaldo Schwarp recently celebrated his 26th birthday and it got him thinking of how he use to celebrate his birthdays as a child;  

"I loved birthday parties as a child. My parents always went all out for my birthdays; fun party packs for the entire class, a brand new birthday outfit and a massive thematic cake (Those massive ones, from a soccer field, to The Titanic - I had it all). And then who can forget the birthday sing-along at Spur,"

Nothing beats a Spur Birthday Song on your special day, just ask The Campbells

How did you celebrate childhood birthdays, Renaldo Schwarp would love to know, share your stories and pics in the comment section below:

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