What should be in the perfect Braaibroodjie?

What should be in the perfect Braaibroodjie?

Everyone loves a good braaibroodjie - but what ingredients should be in the perfect one? Let us know!

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One of the most crucial elements of a braai has to be the side dishes. 

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'What is the perfect side dish for a braai?' is a question that many people have tried to answer. Perhaps a big leafy salad? A creamy potato bake? Or hot foiled-wrapped garlic loaves?

For our High School Hits presenter Renaldo Schwarp the perfect side dish has to be a Braaibroodjie!

And seeing as he will be celebrating Heritage Day braai-ing with friends - he is on a mission to find the perfect Braaibroodjie recipe.

What does the perfect Braaibroodjie look like? Share your recipes in the comments section below.

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