Facebook is coming for your kids

Facebook is coming for your kids

Social media giant Facebook believe they may have found a gap in the market.


So they're coming for your kids.

Don't hit the panic button just yet.

The social media giant is set to launch a messaging app for children to chat with their parents and with friends only approved by their parents.

The free app is aimed at kids under the age of thirteen who are not eligable to have their own Facebook accounts under the socail platform's rules.

The app, amply called Messenger Kids comes with a slew of control for parents including disallowing children to add their own friends or even delete messages. So parents actually have full control over who their kids are communicating with and what the conversations are about.

Any parents willing to give this one a bash? Watch below as a social media experiment shows just how important it is for parents to start watching who kids are communicating with on social media.

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