An Academy Award for this South African director!

An Academy Award for this South African director!

While the rest of us were baking banana bread and avoiding pants, Talia Smith was nominated for no less than 10 awards!

Talia Smith
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From the Student Academy Awards to the Baftas and everything else in between, Smith's film 'Umama' has taken 2020 by storm, even in a global pandemic, telling a story that most of us are all too familiar with. 

Growing up in South Africa, Smith speaks fondly of her second mom - Susan - and the sacrifices she made to help the Smith family. A story we are all part of. Smith had Susan, I had Fina. A powerhouse who was a very big part of making me the woman I am today! 

'Umama' is Smith’s aching portrait of a mother’s unthinkable loss, inspired by the director’s childhood recollection of Susan’s (also called Sibongile in the film) own son’s death. Even in its most harrowing moments, 'Umama' honors Susan’s devotion and faithfulness to the Smith family, depicted most lovingly in her promise kept to the family’s young daughter.  

Sibongile, a domestic worker in South Africa, wakes to find her son missing. This story is about that day and the real relationships that inspired the film.

The film stars Connue Chiume (from Black Panther and Rhythm City fame) as Sibongile.

I spoke to Talia via Zoom about the film, the nominations and awards, and about growing up with Susan, listen here:

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