Boy uses ballet to heal from parents' divorce

Boy uses ballet to heal from parents' divorce

Thanks to his amazing dancing abilities, Kyle Grant was able to perform as the youngest dancer at the Baxter Dance Festival. 

Kyle Grant
Kyle Grant/ Supplied

Divorce can be difficult on both parents and their children. 

It affects some children's emotional and psychological well-being. 

Some don't know how to deal with the separation and this can lead to feelings of loss, anger, confusion, and anxiety, amongst others. 

A dancer by the name of Kyle Grant also found it difficult to deal with the sudden break-up of his parents, so he turned to dance. 

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He says having to move between his mother and father left him feeling "unsettled" and it affected his confidence, he told Beautiful News.

It is then that he started channeling his emotions towards dancing. "When I danced, I forgot about everything,” he said. 

Kyle chose a not-so-common dancing style in his neighbourhood, ballet. 

He learned this form of dancing in Grade R and was given a lead role in a school play. 

Kyle says ballet has helped build up his endurance. 

“I learnt to stretch myself beyond my circumstances,” he told the publication. 

Currently, he has to walk a long distance to 'Dance for All' in Athlone after school to practice. 

His incredible dancing skills led to him becoming the youngest person (15) to choreograph and perform his own original piece at the Baxter Dance Festival. 

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