Brent 'The Good Things Guy' Lindeque joins Danny in studio!

Brent 'The Good Things Guy' Lindeque joins Danny in studio!

Every 'Moanday', Danny Painter and Brent 'The Good Things Guy' Lindeque get together and chat about all the good things happening in our beautiful country, to make us feel a bit more positive and motivated for the week ahead! 

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Each week they discuss some really good news stories happening in and around South Africa, and touch on some of the best headlines you'll hear all week! 

20 May 2019

'Game of Thrones' happened again, no spoilers. A dog that made Danny cry, and just all round good news from The Good Things Guy!

6 May 2019

This week, Brent received a VERY important call from a VERY important guy! Listen to who it was and whose number Brent now has on his phone!

29 April 2019

Brent Lindeque talks about the City of Joburg picture that went viral with the tinfoil bedding AND that the South African accent has been voted the 2nd sexiest accent in the world!

15 April 2019

In their first 'Good Things' chat, Brent tells Danny about the 'Game of Thrones' premiere and a dog called Pepper, who is helping to save rhinos!

You can catch up with the 'Good Things Guy' on his PodCast on Jacpod and on his website,!

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