The Capitals singer talks chronic pain, depression and his fight to come back!

The Capitals singer talks chronic pain, depression and his fight to come back!

The lead vocalist for local Pretoria band, the Capitals, joined me in studio to talk openly about his struggles with the chronic pain that lead to a very deep depression.

Conrad Rudolph
Conrad Rudolf - Supplied IndieDoesIt PR

Conrad Rudolph looks like he has it all! A great Video editing career, he's the lead singer in a great local band and it seems like his life is on an upwards trajectory, what we don't know is the battles he faces every single day! 

In one of the most beautiful, emotional and honest interviews I have ever had, we sat down to talk about how he deals with chronic back pain daily, saying "I have it as I sit here now".

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To seeing many doctors and having no answers and the depression that followed the months of pain and having to quit his favourite sport, soccer and hot that affected him. He talks about his band, his love for music and the day he told his mom he was thinking about ending his own life.

he candidly talks about the music indusrtry and his journey back from the darkest places he's ever been with such grace and humility that I couldn'y help but want to give him the biggest hug! 

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You can listen to our chat here:

If you or a family memeber are feeling depressed or suicidal, please reach out, SADAG 0800 567 567.

Image courtesy of IndieDoesIt PR and Conrad Rudolph. Instagram courtesy of Conrad Rudolph.

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