Crime prevention: Changing the lives of gang members for the better

Crime prevention: Changing the lives of gang members for the better

Read the story of Aletia Grundling and how her initiative is changing the lives of gang members in the Western Cape.

Aletia Grundling
Aletia Grundling/ Beautiful News video screenshot

Crime in South Africa is a serious problem. 

According to Police Minister Bheki Cele, robberies and gang violence are the main reasons for killings in Cape Town. 

The Western Cape also deals with many gangs, but one lady in the province is determined to put an end to this. 

Aletia Grundling started a non-profit organisation, Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM), aimed at empowering the youth and removing them from gangs. 

"I plan to stop criminal activities,” she told Beautiful News

She started her organisation by providing nutrition programmes, family care, and would invite members of gangs to come and partake in her programmes. 

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Aletia says her decision to welcome gangs into her centre was not an easy one. 

"The first time it was really very, very scary,” she told the publication, but she says things got better with time. 

She later extended her services to running a gym and inviting the youth to join. Aletia also offers them education and employment programmes. 

One of the ways she has changed the lives of ex-gang members was through art. 

Aletia took the youth to a theatre and some of the members fell in love with acting. As a result, at least ten former gang members quit gangsterism. They have turned their lives around through securing employment and pursuing their passions. 

Aletia says the success she is enjoying today is a result of the love she has showed to all those who form part of her organisation.

“We only showed them love,” she told Beautiful News. 

“We’ve seen significant changes and that the youth are now making something of their lives. I hope that they’ll be inspired to believe in themselves as much as I believe in them,” she said. 

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Image courtesy of Beautiful News video screenshot. 

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