The dancer risking her body to fly!

The dancer risking her body to fly!

She grabs onto the silk fabric and pulls with all her strength, maneuvering herself upwards. Usually, Sherise Dreyer is bound to a wheelchair. But through aerial dancing, she’s learnt to fly.

Sherise Dreyer
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Dreyer was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. Even the slightest movement could lead to a fracture. But Dreyer doesn’t let this limit her. “When I’m hanging from the silks, I feel fierce, daring, and powerful,” she says.

Dreyer often reaches heights many abled-bodies can’t. Though falling could cause serious injury, she performs elegant movements that defy her fragility. “I enjoy doing things people think I am not capable of,” she says. “It doesn’t only challenge myself but it challenges them.” 

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From a wheelchair to the air, Dreyer’s fearlessness is an inspiration to all. “We all have challenges in life,” she says. “It’s how we deal with it and process it that defines who we are.” Dreyer constantly proves her vigour to herself as well as those around her, shedding stigmas and shredding stereotypes. “Embracing your difference can only make you stronger,” she says.

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