"He was my best friend" - Danny Painter's beloved husband passes away

"He was my best friend" - Danny Painter's beloved husband passes away

Media personality and Jacaranda FM presenter Danny Painter shares the heartbreaking news that her husband of 17 years has sadly passed away. 

Danny Painter and her husband

Danny Painter's husband, Phil, sadly passed away on Tuesday evening. 

"Phil was absolutely without a doubt the most beautiful human I have ever met, and I knew immediately when I met him that he would forever be in my life. We made 17 years after eloping after four months. He was my best friend, the light of everyone who knew him," Painter revealed.  

"I am overwhelmed with love today, and especially from my Jacaranda FM family and his entire family."

"A light has gone out in the world," she added.

Shane Locker, one of Phil's childhood friends, said: "Danny made him the happiest man there ever was. He was the shyest guy there ever was and I will never forget the day Danny came to me and said, 'Shane, I really like Phil, what can I do?'

"My answer was, 'Just be yourself, Danny'. I looked again and in no time you they had eloped. Danny made Philip so happy, more than anyone ever did. Thank you, Danny, for giving him an amazing life. Thanks for making Philip happier than anyone could have ever. If he had a chance to do it again, he would not have done it any other way."

Jacaranda FM is keeping Danny Painter and the rest of their family and friends in our prayers during this difficult time.

Rest In Peace, Phil. 

Danny Painter's Husband Phil

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