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Do you ever worry that your partner will leave you? You're not alone!

We all have moments of insecurity, but sometimes these moments turn into years and can negatively affect our relationship!


Vlogger and lifestyle guru - Aaron Marino has felt it, I've felt it and I know for sure you have felt it.

That niggling little voice in the back of your head that tells you your partner is messaging someone behind you back or that they're cheating, or even worse - that they're going to leave you!  Once it grabs you, it's done and the spiral just drags you down. 

Eventually you are checking phones and acting wierd and all for nothing! 

In this video - posted to his YouTube channel, he talks to men specifically, but I think what he has to say is something we all need to hear! 

How failure is good for you!

Do you have insecurities in your relationship? What are they? 

Did you know Elon Musk once lived on a dollar a day?

Image courtesy of iStock and video courtesy of Aaron Marino

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