The dog moms making a difference in all of our lives!

The dog moms making a difference in all of our lives!

Imagine having an app that was a one-stop shop for you and your dog or cat? 

Tame pet management system

From staying on top of their vaccinations and having their medical history on hand to keeping abreast of food and health trends, being able to shop online and have a video consultation with a vet, we know you want to manage your furry family’s well-being as well as you manage your human family. 

Well, thanks to two South African entrepreneurs, Kyne Lupini and Shannon Sweetman, we have one! TAME is a revolutionary pet management system, easily accessed via a lifestyle-focused app.

I got Kyne and Shannon on a Zoom with me to chat all about the app and how easy and accessible it is for dog/horse/cat or any pet mom or dad out there! 

Listen here: 

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Posted by Tame - Pet Management System on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

TAME PET APP is available on Android and IOS. 

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