"Since the first day of school I faced bullying" - Chad Esau

"Since the first day of school I faced bullying" - Chad Esau

After being shunned, this model with vitiligo is finally owning his place in the spotlight! 

Chad Esau
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Chad Esau was born to stand out with his striking features and soulful personality. But when he was younger, other children only paid attention to the patterns on his body.

Esau has vitiligo, a skin condition that affects pigmentation. “Since the first day of school, I faced bullying,” Esau says. “It was rough, when you want to play with other kids and they did not want to play with you.” He grew up in isolation, plagued with low self-esteem, until one day someone walked into Esau’s life and taught him to accept himself.

While Esau was working at a coffee shop, an agent approached him and suggested he consider modelling. “The thought never actually crossed my mind,” Esau says. But when the opportunity presented itself, he stepped up to it. After years of shying away, Esau finally put himself out there. “I’ve learnt that other people’s view doesn’t matter,” he says. “I’m ready for the world to see me now.” 

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Having signed with Martez Model Management, Esau now poses beneath bright lights, fierce and unshakeable. His new approach has placed him in the public eye – Esau is in the running for Mr South Africa and hopes to inspire others who’ve been judged for their appearance. “Inside us lies a personality that no one else has,” he says. “You are so much more than what you look like on the outside.”

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He spoke to Danny about his journey, you can listen to it here:

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