Hate Valentines day? I've got something for you!

Hate Valentines day? I've got something for you!

It's the month of love and all things heart-shaped but what if you can't stand this special occasion?

Valentine's Day

Perhaps you are the owner of a broken heart, or like my husband, just not that into the valentines day madness. 

Whatever your reason for disliking my favorite month of the year, I have a video that may just crack through that hard exterior and make you smile! 

So much pressure is placed on one day, where you have to get everything just right. How do you not mess up? Have you got the right gift

It's inevitable that someone is going to fail and thankfully the internet found all of those poor souls and edited them into one glorious video of love fails. 

How will you be spending this evening of love and devotion? Let me know in the comments! 

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