How art can help you cope with mental illness
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How art can help you cope with mental illness

Depression. Anxiety. Phobias. Just a few of the mental illnesses we deal with every single day.

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Not all of us have them, but guaranteed someone we know does. We are affected by them, we live with them and we hide them from each other. But, what if we embraced them?

Turned them into something beautiful?

Watch as this family, grieving from the loss of their son, hear his heart beat again.

Polish artist Krzysztof Polaczenko found a way to turn his phobias and compulsions into the most beautiful works of art. He credits his OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for allowing him the patience and dedication it takes to complete his works.

Watch him create a masterpiece inspired by his phobia of heights here, taken from The George Takei Presents Facebook page:

Now, if you're like me, and stick figures are almost the only thing you can draw, why don't you try writing? A poem, a story? 

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Bang a drum, sing a song. Do something that can become an outlet for your energy! And who knows, maybe one day you will inspire others as much as Krzysztof Polaczenko does!

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