How a drug addicted dog changed a drug addicted beggars life!

How a drug addicted dog changed a drug addicted beggars life!

When Andy met a 4 week old puppy called Bailey, they were both addicted to drugs. Fast forward to today and Andy has his life together, a place to stay and Bailey is still by his side!

Andy and Bailey

Having lost his way a few years ago, Andy explains he was in a very dark place.

Battling with his own addictions he considered ending it all, even taking Bailey with him, but in what can only be called a light-bulb moment, he turned it all around and became the human Bailey needed him to be!

He cleaned up after 15 years spent using heroin and crack, because if he goes to jail or uses again he loses his companion and his best friend! In a video posted by Channel 4 News, he explains how not only has Bailey taught him how to love, but more importantly how to receive love. 

It will hit you right in the heart and you'll see how we can change the world through love and acceptance!

Be thankful for your blessings and give your dog or cat or hamster a kiss! They may not have changed your life yet, but you have most certainly become the most important part of theirs!

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