If you've ever been told 'NO' then you need to watch this!
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If you've ever been told 'NO' then you need to watch this!

"No". One word with two letters that can completely change your life... for the better!

Make it happen

If you haven't heard of Jonathan Mooney yet, allow me to introduce you to him. He is a dyslexic writer and activist who learned to read when he was 12. Nothing could hold him back! He has a degree in English Literature and has published two books, one of which is so popular it's on it's 15th printing! 

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Not bad for a kid who was told he would never be anything, right? 

In this video from The Daily Goalcast on Facebook, Jonathan shares his story, and even if you don't have a learning disability, you will be touched by what he has to say:

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We've all been told "no" at least once in our lives, but how did you choose to use it? If you turn it into something positive, you never know where you could end up!

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