It's 'Good Things Guy' Monday!

It's 'Good Things Guy' Monday!

We're on lockdown day 50036174282, I think. I've been avoiding all news sites like the - pandemic, sorry, I had to. All but one.

Good News
Photo by Branden Harvey on Unsplash

The one news site I am completely addicted to is the Good Things Guy, operated and owned by Brent Lindeque, it's a one stop shop for all the best things you will read on the internet! 

Brent joins me every Monday to talk about some of these good things and this week we are jam packed with good news for you! From a 'Rubber Duck' to a lockdown wedding and how you can help feed a hungry family, Brent has it all, and more! 

Another Good Things story: How will we remember this time in our lives?

Also listen to: We all need some good news today!

We had a chat via Zoom, and he brought a surprise guest along! Listen here:

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