It's a thing: Afrodaddy

It's a thing: Afrodaddy

He's a dad, he's a husband, he's a blogger and activist.


But, first and foremost he is a dad. Terence Mentor and his wife Julie started their journey into parenthood by fostering 14 kids! 

Becoming the bridge between the past and the future for so many little humans and enduring some massive heartache along the way, until one day, one of those little humans fit like a missing puzzle piece and they became a family, quickly followed by another little human!

Being a dad to two young boys is a big job, for both mom and dad. But, we tend to leave dad out of the conversation and this is where Mentor steps in.

I got him on the podcast to speak about all things daddying, the good, the bad and the ugly and how he holds space for other dads who need advice, to vent or just to celebrate a milestone! 

With a Discord server, a podcast and a blog, Mentor is changing the narrative and asking us to hold space for the dads in our worlds.

Listen here: 

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