Jo Black is going to Mars!

Jo Black is going to Mars!

Well, one day! At least that's what he told Dr Adriana Marais! 

The Jo and Danny show - Extinction
The Jo and Danny Show / XOTV / Adriaan Venner Scheepers

She is our guest for this week's episode of the Jo and Danny show, and this one is going to make you think! 

She joined us on a Zoom call to talk about extinction, the Mars One project, and how we may be left with no options very soon if we continue to consume and destroy at the rate we are.  

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We, humanity, face the greatest challenges and opportunities we have ever faced. Mars is within reach, while on Earth our life-support system is under threat. Our actions today are more influential than we imagine in creating tomorrow. Proudly Human balances working towards the off-world settlements of the near future with uplifting communities already living in extreme environments on Earth. Proudly Human’s Off-World Project is a series of settlement experiments in the most extreme environments on Earth to prepare for life on the Moon, Mars and beyond. The projects will promote companies developing technology for sustainability, facilitate skills development, boost research, innovation and technology towards off-grid functionality, as well as provide a vision for young people of community spirit in even the harshest environments through grit, imagination, research and technology towards a #ProudlyHuman future, whatever planet we are on. @fastcompanysa @fastcompany @proudly.human #ProudlyHuman #Technology #Sustainability #OffGrid #OffWorld #ToMars

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You can watch the full episode here!

You can also listen to Dr Adriana with the Scenic Drive team: Dr Adriana Marais is Proudly Human and ready for Mars

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