Julia Church is our dance song inspiration in 2021

Julia Church is our dance song inspiration in 2021

Based in the UK by way of Durban, Julia Church grew up enamoured by the sounds of trailblazers Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Nora Jones. 

Julia Church
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Thanks to several features on dance tracks amassing over 50-million streams; most notably Tez Cadey’s 'Walls' and Mozambo & Basic Tape’s 'Bright Side', Julia Church began to garner recognition early on, before heading to university. 

At eighteen, Julia decided to further herself artistically, moving to the UK to study music production at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), learning the creative skills that have led to her unmistakable sound, one that draws ties to her childhood idols.

Producing and writing all of her own music is a key part of her sound that’s won her fans across the globe, yet she finds herself having to make the distinction that she IS her own producer, a question rarely thrown at male artists.  

“Maybe it's just a reflection on me and my past experiences in male-dominant sessions but I feel like I am more reserved when I write with a group of guys as if my ideas aren’t as worthy and I’m just there to sing, even though writing is where my love really lies,” says Julia. ‘’Writing is the ultimate form of catharsis for me.”

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