Klingande on lockdown, life afterwards and music!

Klingande on lockdown, life afterwards and music!

Klingande, you know the name, you've heard the music, but what about the man behind it all?

Taken from | facebook.com/Klingande

Cédric Steinmyller, better known by his stage name Klingande, is a French DJ and tropical house producer with a prominent use of the piano and the saxophone.

He is one of the moist prolific producers on the planet, touring the world, playing for thousands upon thousands of fans, or, that was until the global pandemic hit and everything ground to a halt! What did he do? Did he bake banana bread and drink breakfast wine like the rest of us?

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Not really, with a focus on creating music and developing himself as both a producer and a human, Klingande used the pause to set himself up, ready for when the world opened, and he is ready! 

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Image taken from Klingande official Facebook page. Instagram embedded from Klingande official Instagram.

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