From lawyer to award-winning director

From lawyer to award-winning director

Robert dos Santos is an international award-winning film and television commercials director based out of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Robert Dos Santos
Clayton Morar Media

This once upon a time lawyer has thrown his suit aside and plunged headfirst into the world of directing with explosive results.

Robert released a short film, A MOMENT, which stars SA-born, Hollywood-based actor Sean Cameron Michael, as well as Jonathan Boynton-Lee. The film has been picked up by three international film sites., Film Shortage, and Think Shorts, and earlier this month, Robert received the news that the film was accepted into the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Robert Dos Santos 2
Clayton Morar Media

The film was shot in one long continuous take. It is short, measuring about 90 seconds, however, there are no cuts or edits between the footage. Using a Bolt, Robert is one of only a handful of directors who have had access to this incredible piece of tech.

He chats to me about the film, but also about changing his life path at 30, proving that you don't ever need to have it all together!

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