Milky Chance on new single, 'Synchronize'

Milky Chance on new single, 'Synchronize'

Celebrating their new single, ‘Synchronize’, Milky Chance sat down with Danny Painter to talk about the music and everything in between!

Milky Chance
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Milky Chance is back with another hit single! 

The German duo released their catchy new single, ‘Synchronize’, earlier this year. 

The group, which consists of vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, bassist and percussionist Philipp Dausch, and their band members Antonio Greger and Sebastian Schmidt, have achieved their biggest launch to date with ‘Synchronize’.

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After only two weeks, the song is already charting on radio, Shazam, and iTunes.

"For us, the song is about a feeling of perfect synchronization with someone, when it feels like nothing else matters," states the YouTube video description. 

The duo caught up with Danny Painter to talk about their music success. Watch the video interview below. 

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Image courtesy of Ian Bredenkamp media. 

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