This is the most important video you will ever see!
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This is the most important video you will ever see!

Have you ever heard of an attention engineer? No? I hadn't either!

Baby using a computer
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Tech companies hire them to keep you on your device! They are there to keep you looking at the screen in your hand for longer and longer periods of time.

If you are in a long distance relationship - watch this!

Just this past weekend, at a restaurant, I saw a family of 6 people sitting in complete silence, each staring at their own devices. Not on person said a word or moved until the meal arrived and the teenagers took pictures.

There is a shocking statistic that 92% of two-year-olds play video games! If you feel anxious when you're without your phone, if you have kids under 10 who all have phones and tablets - watch this video shared to the Be Inspired YouTube page. 

Don't let this depress you! Don't let this knowledge upset you, you have the ability to change it! If your family are addicted to their phones and the internet, set boundaries! Set them for yourself! Bring back family time and don't look at it first thing in the morning!

How one woman is changing lives, one hashtag at a time!

Are you going to set boundaries? 

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