Psychologist provides homes for the poor in South Africa

Psychologist provides homes for the poor in South Africa

Psychologist Quinton Adams is changing the lives of many people around South Africa - building houses citizens can proudly call their homes! 

Psychologist Quinton Adams
Psychologist Quinton Adams

According to a recent study, an estimated five-million people in South Africa live in shacks, reports uni24

Unemployment and poverty continue to be a major problem in South Africa. 

Sadly, many South Africans cannot afford to built proper homes. 

Majority resort to live in informal settlements and wait for the government to provide shelter in the form of RDP houses. 

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Sadly, the living conditions of people who live in shacks are terrible. The shacks can be damaged by floods, fire etc.

Although for many years government has been engaged in projects to provide houses for the poor, there is still a long way to go. 

To remedy the situation, psychologist Quinton Adams has taken it upon himself to provide shelter for those living in informal settlements in Western Cape. 

He founded The ShackBuilder, an NGO that builds homes for the less fortunate. 

 “My research has shown us that we have a big housing crisis in South Africa where 600,000 families are waiting for houses. Together with my team we’re ensuring families have decent houses,”  he told Beautiful News

The psychologist says the project allows him to bring back dignity to those who were living in shacks. 

“It’s not only the shelter and the shacks that we are building but it’s the emotional support. We know what it means for them to move into a new place, a safer place, a secured place and where they can start to rebuild their lives again,” he says. 

”Everyone deserves to have pride and dignity in their homes and that is the foundation of the work that we are busy doing.”

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