Roxane Hayward is a name you will remember!

Roxane Hayward is a name you will remember!

She is young, she is driven, she is a powerhouse of talent, grit, and love, and she is changing the world, one day at a time! 

Roxane Hayward
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Born in Johannesburg and based in L.A, this young woman has been making waves in the international acting scene, in projects like 'Death Race - Inferno' and the BBC comedy, 'Beaver Falls'. 

But, that is the least cool thing about her, and admittedly that's pretty cool. Roxane is an accomplished actress, yes, and with some great projects lined up for 2021, she is bound to become a household name. I, however, wanted chat to her about the other things she's busy with that are set to impact the world! 

If I were to type all the things she's working on, the list would be endless, but, in our chat she touched on the app she's working on ( the podcast she co-hosts, her directorial debut and more! 

I got to chat to this incredible human over a Zoom link, and you will love her every bit as much as I do once you've listened: 

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