Want to write a show for Netflix? Listen to this

Want to write a show for Netflix? Listen to this...

Zhelyaz Tomov is a renowned and award-winning film editor and VFX specialist.

Zhelyaz Tomov.
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The 39-year-old Bulgarian-born, Berlin-based film editor is currently working with South African Nizaam Ackerman (from Cape Town) and Amanda Dlamini, as they develop a South African TV show concept for Netflix African Originals. The series, entitled 'Again', is set seven centuries into the future, in a dystopian South Africa, which has been torn apart by conflicts. 

Zhelyaz is passionate about South African culture and storytelling and wants to see his dream of bringing this TV series to light, on a global streaming service platform such as Netflix.

“Editing is the essence of every film. It is what allows the story to truly unfold and achieve its ultimate goal – to fascinate the audience.”

'Again' is a 10-episode post-apocalyptic, futuristic drama set about 700 years from now in a dystopian South Africa. The foundation of the show is a bald thought experiment - what if humanity is able to achieve groundbreaking scientific leaps, yet remains incapable and unwilling to resolve ethical, cultural, and racial conflicts. 

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Instead, the hostilities intensify and lead to the fall of nations and the rise of countless splinter groups. The remaining factions hold the firm belief their own vision of social order is superior to all others and has to prevail, regardless of the consequences for everyone else. At the time the story kicks in, a deceptive, fragile peace is in place. Yet a brutal incident threatens a chain of events that could lead to a devastating war. A group of outliers from different factions are faced with preventing escalation or watch their world burn.

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