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Watch: this female boxer with cerebral palsy is all the motivation you will need!

With her heart firmly set on the Paralympics, Kate Farley is not letting anything stand in her way!

Kate Farley / Kate Farley

We all struggle with motivation at times, but imagine if you had to work extra hard to live your dream!? Would you still try?

Not many people would, but one young woman is taking her life by the horns and not letting anything hold her back, not even her cerebral palsy. With her sights set on the Paralympics, Kate had to work closely with a trainer to adjust the workouts to suit her needs. Never compromising on the goals she has in her mind!

In a video posted to Facebook page  HYGO, she shares her workout with us! 

She took to Instagram to share her first ever pull-up! 

Now, what's your excuse again?

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