WATCH: Will Smith has the motivation you need for 2022!

WATCH: Will Smith has the motivation you need for 2022!

It's the first week of a brand new year and, I am pretty sure some of those resolutions have fallen by the wayside! 

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I was feeling less than motivated from about halfway through the second week! 

Now, I am in no way pushing any diet culture, toxic 2022, 'New Year, new me' rhetoric, but, I am one of those humans who are overweight and not as healthy as they could be. A new year brings a new opportunity to get fit, get healthy and live life to the fullest! Especially after the last year of me working from home and having all the banana bread I could bake! 

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That healthy lifestyle requires good, whole foods and movement. The movement part is the struggle! 

I find watching great sports documentaries help to motivate me to get into the gym, or put on my running shoes! And, I have found the best one yet! 

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Will Smith is an actor we know and love and he spent the first 20 weeks of last year trying to lose 20lb (just over 9kg). In the docuseries on YouTube, he speaks candidly about his struggles as a camera crew follow him and document every droplet of sweat! 

We follow his journey through 20 minute episodes while he tackles getting into the best shape of his life and overcoming some of his personal challenges!

Watch the first episode here:

Now, I know he has a trainer and a chef and a home gym and all the privilege that comes with being Will Smith, but I found the series incredibly inspirational, especially with how candid he is about failure after putting weight on during the challenge! 

Let me know what your health goals are for 2022, and we can keep each other accountable! 

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