What do you get when you pair 'Yolz Channel' with Bill and Melinda Gates?

What do you get when you pair 'Yolz Channel' with Bill and Melinda Gates?

A revolution! Yolz Jawe is a YouTuber who is using her massive platform in the best possible way! 

Yolz Jawe
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Yolenda 'Yolz' Jawe of 'Yolz Channel' has partnered with Bill and Melinda Gates for their 2020 Annual Letter!

Penned by Bill and Melinda Gates themselves, the Annual Letter tackles challenges that the world is currently facing and probes conversation around these important issues. 'Yolz Channel' gained popularity with her videos around beauty and natural hair, but the channel has evolved into so much more than that. 

She's constantly featuring multiple female entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers on her channel, as she strongly believes in women empowerment. “I feel empowered when I am able to uplift other women through creating motivational YouTube videos and learning from other women who have a different background and story to mine,” Yolz explains. 

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Her latest video is in collaboration with the Gates and has probed conversation around Gender Equality and challenging the gender roles we still face in society, especially in South Africa. When asked what she believes to be the most important lesson to teach young girls in our society, Yolz said: “It is important to teach young girls, especially in Africa, that they are the authors of their own destinies and they need to vocalize their thoughts and have a voice in every space they find themselves in. They matter and their dreams and visions are valid."

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She was studio to help host the show and tell us all about it! You can listen here:

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