"What having a baby with down syndrome taught me about myself"

"What having a baby with down syndrome taught me about myself"

One Brave baby and his parents are changing the face of Down Syndrome in South Africa - one month at a time!

Used with permission - Joy Cronje

In a world where we are moving towards inclusivity, there is one mom, Joy Cronje, who is standing up for children with Down Syndrome, saying: "I feel like it's a group that people show prejudice against".

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Joy's son, Brave, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at nine weeks old and with that came a host of complications, ranging from sleep apnea to epilepsy. She talks about finding out, mourning the diagnosis, and how Brave has taught her and her husband so much about themselves, like to "not sweat the small stuff"

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Her story was recently shared on Beautiful News where they talk about how Joy stated a support group for other parents with children with Down Syndrome. It's called "Brave play and support group" and it's a place where there is no judgement and the parents can connect! 

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